eLearning Setup

The principal responsibility of the Administrator is the maintenance of the following databases :-

  1. Faculty
  2. Students
  3. Courses
  4. Degrees
  5. The courses being taught by each of the faculty
  6. The courses being taken by each of the students


Student Notice Board

This is an electronic notice board on which notifications can be posted by Administrators. The notice board is visible to all students.


Student Helpdesk

This is a dialog between a student and an Administrator, initiated by the student. The student and Administrator can exchange textual information and documents through this dialog.


Student Relationship Management

This is a dialog between an Administrator and a selected student, initiated by the Administrator. The student and Administrator can exchange textual information and documents through this dialog.

Award Degree

This is a process using which the Administrator can award a selected degree to a selected student. Immediately thereafter, the student can view and download the degree certificate. The degree certificate is fraud-proof; it contains a Verification URL, by visiting which anybody in the world (typically a potential employer) can get assured that the degree was indeed awarded to the corresponding student.


Student Accounting System

Student Accounting System enables setting up the Home Currency to be one among 24 international currencies, including US Dollar (USD), Singapore Dollar (SGD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Indian Rupee (INR), etc. It enables crediting / debiting students' accounts. It provides several utilities, e.g., intimating students their dues by email, etc.

Student Accounting System enables acceptance of online payment from students
1. Without your having to integrate with a payment gateway
2. With automated crediting of the corresponding student's account
This facility is currently available only when Home Currency is INR, for which we levy a flat 5% service charge.


Filing Cabinets

Administrator can create one or more named electronic filing cabinets. These electronic filing cabinets can be used to store documents, e.g., students' photographs, students' biodata, certificates, etc.


Info Pages

Administrator can create one or more editable Info Pages pertaining to your institution, which are visible to the whole world. Consequently, you can choose not to have a separate website, or alternately, link your website to the Info Pages.


Cloudversity Administrator can register one or more employees, who can function as additional Administrators, thus constituting an Administration team.