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  • Cloudcampus provides faculty a suite of eLearning tools, which


    • facilitate conduct of quiz tests online
    • facilitate conduct of written tests online
    • facilitate online engagement between faculty and students
    • drastically reduce unproductive face-to-face contact between faculty and students
    • drastically reduce paperwork, such as course notes, question papers, students' answer scripts, etc.
    (Learn more about Cloudcampus eLearning)

  • Cloudcampus is a decision-support system:-


    • In case of a faculty teaching a course, Cloudcampus makes students' test / exam performance data available to the faculty at a glance online. This facilitates faculty rapidly make fair and correct pass / fail / grade decisions at the end of term.
    • Cloudcampus makes students' performance data in all the courses taken by him / her available to the university / university department administration at a glance online. This facilitates the administration to rapidly make degree award / promotion decisions at scale.
    (Learn more about Cloudcampus Decision Support)

  • Cloudcampus frees faculty from administrative responsibilities, so they can focus on teaching, research, consulting, etc.
    (Learn more about Cloudcampus Administration)

  • Cloudcampus is implemented in the Google Cloud. It is offered in the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) mode; hence there is no capital investment to be made.

SaaS charges: ₹ 100,000/- p.m. ( ₹ 10,00,000/- per annum)

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