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  • Cloudmooc is a platform for offering courses and degrees online.
  • Cloudmooc enables students enroll for a course or degree anytime, not necessarily in cohorts, or batches.
  • Cloudmooc includes eLearning modules and Exams, which enable students to learn at the their own pace, as well as take the exam, as and when they are ready.
    (Learn more about Cloudmooc eLearning and Exams)
  • Cloudmooc frees faculty from administrative responsibilities, so they can focus on teaching.
    (Learn more about Cloudmooc Administration)
  • Cloudmooc maintains the accounts of students in any one of over 20 international currencies. It also includes acceptance of payment of fees online, currently in INR.)
  • Cloudmooc is implemented in the Google Cloud. It is offered in the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) mode; hence there is no capital investment to be made.

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