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Zero Code Workflow Automation System


ZeroCodeWorkflow is truly a zero-code workflow automation system. This is unlike competitive systems, which claim to be zero-code, but only substitute textual coding with drag-and-drop, pictorial coding, etc.

ZeroCodeWorkflow mimics the movement of conventional paper files between your employees.

  • ZeroCodeWorkflow replaces paper files with digital electronic files, which move digitally between your employees in the Google Cloud.
  • Just as in case of paper files, an employee can enter textual information, as well as attach one or more documents, to a ZeroCodeWorkflow file, before sending the file to one or more other employees.
  • Parallel workflow: A ZeroCodeWorkflow file can move simultaneously from one employee to more than one other employees; this feature enables efficient conduct of business processes.
  • A ZeroCodeWorkflow file is typically, indeed always, originated by an employee who either (1) benefits by the successful conduct of the process, or (2) is responsible for the successful conduct of the process.
    • For example, in case of a "Travel Approval and Expense Reimbursement" process, the corresponding ZeroCodeWorkflow file is originated by the employee who proposes to travel.
    • As a second example, in case of a "Purchase-to-Pay" process, the corresponding ZeroCodeWorkflow file will be originated by an officer employee in the Purchase Department who placed a Purchase Order on a specific vendor, and is also held responsible for the successful receipt of the ordered goods, as well as payment to the vendor in line with the Terms and Conditions in the Purchase Order.
    • As a third example, in case of an "Order-to-Cash" process, the corresponding ZeroCodeWorkflow file will be originated by the Salesperson who did the marketing and "bagged" a Purchase Order from a customer, and therefore takes responsibility for delivery of the ordered goods to the customer, as well as receipt of payments by the customer in line with the Terms and Conditions in the received Purchase Order.
  • When a ZeroCodeWorkflow file moves, it always also flows back to the originator of the file, so the originator is always aware of the status of the corresponding business process, and can route the file to one or more other employees, who need to take further action to successfully complete the process execution.
  • Only the originator of a ZeroCodeWorkflow file can archive the file.
  • Archived ZeroCodeWorkflow files can be searched with one button click (Remember ... searching archived files is a nightmare in case of paper files).
  • Security: We use the same technology as in Blockchain to assure you that ZeroCodeWorkflow files have not been tampered with.
  • Security: And more ... Google encrypts ZeroCodeWorkflow files both while at rest, and while in flight, thus keeping them safe from prying eyes.

For your consideration ...

Do your employees routinely use email, WhatsApp and SMS to communicate with each other, even when dealing with important, high value, business processes, e.g.,

  • Order-to-cash
  • Purchase-to-pay
  • Insurance claim processing
  • Project management
  • Travel approval and expense reimbursement
  • etc.

Can you afford to have data and decisions pertaining to your important business processes scattered in different emails, WhatsApp and SMS messages, causing confusion and even fatal errors in process execution ?

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SaaS charges: ₹ 50,000/- p.m. (or ₹ 5,00,000/- per annum)


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